10 Iconic Films With Serious Fashion Sense

,By Simi Afroza Mira

As a former fashion model, and as a woman who just in general really appreciates really awesome clothes, I have compiled a list of the top 10 most iconic movies that forever changed the way I – and our entire culture – regarded fashion. This little nostalgic walk down Fashion’s Memory Lane is funny, heart-warming, and at times, laughably cringe-worthy. Let’s get started.

 1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Leave it to the quintessential Audrey Hepburn to give us the little black dress, a classy string of pearls, a silver cigarette holder, and a freaking tiara, and look like utter perfection with a whole lot of bad-assery during every second of that film.

I tried this look too, during an unfortunate 2 months of my life in middle school. I just couldn’t pull off the tiara, dammit. Didn’t go well with my Lucky jeans and Doc Marten Mary Janes. I tried though. I TRIED.

2. Pretty Woman

Never have I ever…wished I was a prostitute. EXCEPT EVERY TIME I WATCHED THIS MOVIE as a pre-teen, daydreaming about my own prince charming, my own iconic red dress, and my very own shopping spree on Rodeo Drive . If a little prostitution here and there was all it cost for this dream to become a reality, then my 12 year old self was SUPER READY.

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