10 Iconic Films With Serious Fashion Sense

3. The Great Gatsby

Nothing captures the iconic “Roaring 20’s” like this film. The costumes are completely alluring and sublime. Pretty sure I’d not want to live in the 1920’s BECAUSE WHAT ABOUT MY iPHONE, but if I could be one of Jay Gatsby’s girls? Yeah, I’d totally do the flapper thing.

4. The Matrix


5. Grease

I grew up watching “Grease,” and while the entirely almost-coulda-shoulda-yeah-probably-rated-R song lyrics completely went over my head, the teased hair, poodle skirts, and leather jackets did NOT. Also, John Travolta aka Danny Zuko, marry me with your chin dimple NOW, you rascal!

6. Manina

This completely stunning 1950’s movie made waves because it was the first ever movie that showed a woman in a bikini. Suddenly, it was okay for women all over the world to follow suit. I was completely enchanted with Brigitte Bardot, and she still to this day remains one of the women I wanted to emulate when I began my modeling career. Also, Brie from 1997 could often be heard crowing something like, “But Mo-om, if Brigitte Bardot can wear a bikini IN A MOVIE back, like FOREVER AGO, why can’t I wear one now? This is THE NINETIES, MOM.

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