10 Iconic Films With Serious Fashion Sense

7. The Breakfast Club

Perfect! Now, no matter what social class or clique you belonged to in school, you had this iconic film and wardrobe to help you out. “A Princess,” “An Athlete,” “A Brain,” “A Basket Case,” and “A Criminal.” I daydreamed about being a perfect combination of “a princess,” and “a basket case.” Like, 95% princess, and 5% basket case; just enough to make me endearing and unique but not too weird because then I wouldn’t ever snag a boyfriend. BUT REALLY I TOTALLY DIDN’T ACTUALLY PLAN THIS ALL OUT. I SWEAR.

 8. Gone With the Wind

Growing up, I remember being so enchanted by the southern belle attire during the Civil War Era portrayed in “Gone With the Wind.” I wanted a tiny waist like Scarlett, but I also decided I wanted to be smarter than her because GUYS, SHE LET RHETT GO IN THE END. It took me almost a decade to get over the righteous, white-hot indignation I felt as the movie ended and the credits rolled. Sure, Scarlett looked hands-down amazing in her gown, but HOW COULD YOU LET THAT AMAZING SPECIMEN OF A MAN GO, SCARLETT?

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