Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

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Taylor says she was blessed with naturally long and slim legs but still has to work to keep them so slim. She says one of her favorite exercises is the Froggy, which involves lying facedown on the floor while squeezing a ball between your feet and raising your knees up and down slowly.

Jennifer Aniston: From Yoga to Battle Ropes

Jennifer Aniston barely seems to have aged a day since she appeared on our screens as Rachel in Friends way back in the ’90s. She’s still looking as gorgeous and slender as ever, despite blowing out her 50 candles recently. Like many other celebs, she likes to keep her workouts varied.
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One day, she’ll do some yoga. The next day, she might take a battle ropes class. The next day, she’ll take The Class by Taryn Toomey, which is a very popular modern workout that is specifically designed to target various muscle groups and help people become leaner, stronger, and fitter.