Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Venus Williams: Tennis and Treadmill

Along with her sister Serena, Venus Williams is another of the world’s most successful female tennis stars, having won many tournaments and proven herself to be one of the finest players in the history of the game.
Photo by Andy Hooper / Daily Mail / Shutterstock

Just like her sister, she has to do some very long and intense workouts to continue playing at the highest level. She likes to dance, saying it’s one of the most fun ways to work out without needing to hit the gym, and also says she likes to spend time on the treadmill too to raise her endurance levels.

Jenna Dewan: From Dance to Lunges

Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan has quite a busy schedule, and it can be difficult for her to find free time for workouts in between all of her career obligations and other responsibilities. That’s why she’s learned to work out whenever she gets the chance, without worrying too much about sticking to a schedule.