Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Source: Twitter / Jenna Dewan

When she gets some free time, she makes the most of it, doing intensive 15-45-minute workouts here and there throughout the day. Her exercise style is always high-intensity, high-energy to really push her muscles to the max, and most of her workouts involve dance, cardio, resistance bands, squats, planks, and lunges too.

Nicole Kidman: Cycling and Yoga

Award-winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman is in her fifties now but still has that slim figure and flawless silhouette that helped to make her such a big star in the first place. She’s got four kids and lots of responsibilities as a mother and a celebrity, but she still finds plenty of time to work out often.
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She says she loves to run, having grown up in a family of runners, and likes listening to Britney Spears tunes to stay motivated and push herself the extra mile. She also does a lot of at-home workouts like indoor cycling and yoga too. She says that anyone older who wants to stay in shape should focus on low-impact moves that don’t threaten their joints.