Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Lady Gaga: Bikram Yoga

Lady Gaga is another amazing celebrity icon who has always seemed to know the right ways to stay in shape, even as she gets older. As the years go by, the Poker Face still looks fabulous, and it’s all thanks to her commitment and dedication to a range of workout styles.
Source: Pinterest

She does a lot of Bikram and hot power yoga to stay flexible and keep her stamina and endurance levels high. She also has a really extreme ab routine, doing tons of crunches to take her core strength to the next level, and does plenty of workouts with TRX bands, which are great for at-home strength training.

Kylie Jenner: HIIT

One of the youngest billionaires the world has ever seen, Kylie Jenner seems to be successful at pretty much everything she tries, including health and fitness. When the social media star and fashion model isn’t busy snapping perfect pictures or promoting her various products, she does a lot of high-intensity workouts.