Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Cindy Crawford: Circuit Training

Cindy Crawford is in her fifties but looks a day barely over 30 thanks to her phenomenal workout routine and dedication to staying in shape. She works together with her personal trainer, Sarah Hagaman, three times per week, to look and feel her best.
Source: Pinterest

Usually, Cindy’s workouts involve a lot of circuit training, with moves like lunges and squats repeated over and over again, along with some weight training too. Even when she isn’t working out, Cindy likes to stay active with hikes and bike rides, sharing precious moments with her friends and family while also burning calories.

Ciara: Tabata

Ciara does it all. She’s a singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. She’s got a super busy schedule with all of those different responsibilities, but she finds plenty of time to follow a strict and unique exercise plan. A lot of Ciara’s workouts involve Tabata.
Source: Instagram / @ciara

This is a kind of HIIT training that involves doing eight rounds of 20 seconds each time, with just 10 seconds of rest in between each round. She also does a lot of plyometrics, which is focused around lots of high-intensity jumping exercises. Thanks to these intense methods, Ciara burns significant calories in short periods.