Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Pink: High-Intensity Workouts

Pink is one of the most successful popstar personalities of all time. Always fun to watch, she’s known for her immense on-stage presence and countlessly catchy tracks. She’s also a mother but has managed to shed her post-pregnancy pounds and stay in the shape of her life, even as she gets older, and it’s all thanks to her super long and highly intensive workouts.
Source: Instagram / @pink

When she’s getting ready for a show, Pink will work out for over four hours straight. And even when she’s not on tour, she shows the same high levels of dedication to working out. She goes to the gym five days a week, doing everything from high-intensity treadmill training to hot yoga too.

Kelly Rowland: Pilates

Kelly Rowland came to fame as a member of the classic pop group, Destiny’s Child, before going on to launch her own solo career and enjoying success with hits like Work and Like This. She’s also moved into TV, becoming a presenter and actress too. In short, she’s experienced a lot of success and still has a figure to flaunt, just like she did back in the ’90s.