Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Source: Instagram / @halleberry

Halle Berry indulges in a range of exercises, including yoga, boxing, and Muay Thai. She likes to do jump rope skipping, often completing 500 skips in a row without stopping to work up a real sweat, but also enjoys more relaxing forms of exercise like stretching and always cools off with meditation and breathing exercises at the end of each session.

Gwyneth Paltrow: The Tracy Anderson Method

Gwyneth Paltrow built a career as a successful movie star before becoming something of a health and lifestyle guru in recent years, launching her Goop brand and earning a new legion of fans and followers in the process. To stay in amazing shape, Gwyneth Paltrow follows something called the Tracy Anderson Method.
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Devised by fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, this method combines elements of dance, cardio, and muscular structure classes. Paltrow says it’s the best possible workout for her, having been following the method for more than a decade and even investing in Anderson’s company. She takes classes every single day, with the workouts focusing mostly on cardiovascular health and general strength, without the need for much equipment.