Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

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When she’s not saving kids or starring in movies, Jennifer does a lot of Body By Simone workouts. She uses a lot of heavyweights to develop her strength and stamina, as well as to tone her muscles and to burn a lot of calories. You can tell from her nicely sculpted arms and abs that Garner does a lot of weight training.

Busy Philipps: LEKfit

Busy Philipps is famed for her appearances in shows like Dawson’s Creek, ER, Cougar Town, and Freaks and Geeks, as well as movies like The Gift and Made of Honor. She’s followed by countless fans on Instagram, where she often shares clips and snaps from her workouts. She likes to take LEKfit classes.
Source: Instagram / @busyphilipps

LEKfit is a dance-oriented workout method that helps people stay slim and in shape with lots of low-impact but high-intensity movements. Busy’s approach shows how important it can be to find a workout style you really enjoy and stick to it.