Cleansing: Changing the World Inside Out

,By Naima Karp

International model, Anne-Marie Van Dijk can empathize with those starting out in the industry. After years of hard work, she learned of the innumerable challenges a model faces through their career, and the toll it takes, mentally and physically. After working with high-profile clients like Chanel, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, Van Dijk is lending her hand to a more meaningful cause, founding the initiative, Cleanse: One Body, One Planet.

Van Dijk has enlisted a team of pre-screened, top rated professionals, including personal trainers, health coaches, therapists, and registered dieticians. They offer expert counseling to help models achieve their goals – healthily, and sustainably. Cleanse is supported by industry insiders, as well as many prestigious models and agencies. 

The Cleanse team not only aims to keep models healthy, but also to preserve the health of the planet. They’re kind of health life coaches, in a way. Working with models and their agencies closely, with plentiful resources, Cleanse is paving the way to creating health and harmony between people and the planet. 

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