How To Avoid The 2016 Fashion Police

,By Simi A Mira

Some fashion looks are so out there that they’re classified ingenious. Or a step further: genius. Some, on the other hand, are just awful. Nothing against the wearers, though. As a matter of fact, they’re pretty brave for showing up the way they did… although many of us might have preferred they show up “fashionably late” to the photo and change into something… you know, fashionable.

The Man Bun

If you’ve got the balls to wear your hair long, wear it down. The only way you can pull this look off is if you’ve got a sword in your hand so you look like a sexy samurai. In other words: if you’re already a badass, you can use the look to layer on the badassness on very specific occasions. But you can’t pair it with the suit and gentlemanly appearance. While this is a bold fashion look, it ultimately doesn’t work.

Bucket Hats

It’s basically been proven that eyes are the window to the soul. So if you wear this hat, you are soulless. Unless you’re going for the satanic look or you’re a ginger who already doesn’t have a soul (just kidding!) leave these babies out of your shopping bag. Trust me—you won’t regret it. This look is quickly fading. Help put it out of its mercy.

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