If The Shoe Fits – Symbolism In Fashion

,By Margretta Sowah

We have all, at one stage in our lives, took a deep breath and whispered; “Show me a sign!” We linger a little longer, breathe a little deeper, think a little broader and act a little different. This is a conscious effort (biologically) to perceive different situations and outcomes. Signs and symbols have always held significance with promises of fortune and wonder. We look for meaning in words, objects, dreams, people and decisions. It is a human need to connect with our surrounding for pleasure and protection.

When Stylists ‘creates a look’ they are placing pieces of relevant information in front of an audience. Their language is stitched together in a tightly bound monologue, always ready for its next scene. Fashion is able to be playful and flippant in its promotion because of the delicate and sensitive nature surround clothing – fabric. Clothing is something we adorn ourselves with to create distinction, but left alone to its own devices clothes become just colorful rags. When it comes to Fashion we are constantly been told a visual story that is undeniably transformative.

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