If The Shoe Fits – Symbolism In Fashion

Well Heeled


Social Psychology has found there is cultural, cognitive and symbolic perspective associated with clothing to create meaning. In simpler terms; we wear clothes that have personal meaning. So what does that meaning… mean? Does it change or are we restricted to one set culture?

David Bailey is known for being a pioneer in Fashion Photography since the early 60’s. His style can be seen as poetic and confronting because of his views on sexuality. His 1970 “Shoe in Bikini” was a post-modern and conceptual statement about the whispered female dialogue of honesty and emancipation. The photograph is a close-up of a woman with her lace-up heels in her mesh bikini. It is a provocative pose without the grievances of bad taste. The monochromatic filter allows the negative spaces between the models body and its accessories to simplify an otherwise demanding representation.

Jimmy Choo has been a shoe lovers’ favorite since his appearance in Sex and the City for the Gen Y’s and Millenniums of today. His flirty and feminine designs give the wearer a piece of signature style that they can slip in and out of. Terry Richardson headed Jimmy Choo’s SS 2009 campaign that aimed, as quoted by an article on Upscalehype.com; “to demonstrate that the right shoes and accessories will accentuate any outfit, even if it’s just lingerie.”

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