If The Shoe Fits – Symbolism In Fashion

These two men almost 40 years apart had this one identical photo in their collections. It is fair to say that Richardson took the obvious symbolism of Bailey’s image and highlighted its cultural, social and cognitive significance in today’s society by placing the image Jimmy Choo’s Spring/Summer campaign. The message of honesty and liberation are still present but now the actual shoe becomes the focus as opposed to the female with the shoe. The life of this fictional and aspirational woman will not change; she will always be this mysterious and alluring figure who embraces femininity and all its blessings and curses, but now we can direct our focus onto other variables of the landscape and find other meanings within meanings.

This is the language we are free to share if the intention is the dominant point in the equation. If not the message can be lost or worse, misunderstood. It is hard to say whether society ever fully understand personal language because of our reliance on the environment and culture.

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