Modeling Contracts 101

,By Michele Smith
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The excitement begins with an agency wanting to sign you and this is thrilling, because agencies will not sign a model unless they feel they can make money off of you. How does one understand a contract with a modeling agency? As with any contract, there are basic elements, but here are the ones that you should keep an eye out for. First of all. take a close look at the contract terms. If the contract is for three to seven years, keep in mind if the agency is not doing their job representing you, you are most likely stuck with them for the duration of the contract. Please keep in mind it is very costly to break a modeling contract. Typical terms should be one to two years.  This length is more reasonable, especially considering if you want to switch modeling agencies.

In addition to contract length, take a look to see if there is an escape clause. Most reputable agencies will have a termination clause in their contract, in case one of the parties is not happy. This comes into play for example, if the model is not happy with income or the number of bookings. An escape clause will give you the option to get out of the contract in six months to a year, if there are any issues. The same clause comes into effect if the agency is not happy with the model as well. If there is not an escape clause in your modeling contract, this is something that can be negotiated.

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