Modeling Scams Everyone Should Be Aware Of

,By Calynn M. Lawrence

Unfortunately, many aspiring models are being bamboozled by con artists who prey on individuals who are seeking a ticket to a successful career. If you’re someone who is new to the fashion industry then these are a few (sadly) common scams that people are falling victim to every day. You should be weary of them and take heed to this advice.


Sketchy online advertisements are becoming increasingly prevalent to seek out young people and lure them into dangerous situations. Some times these are criminals simply looking to hurt you and are hiding behind the guise of a photographer or modeling recruiter. That being said, be extremely careful about taking jobs that do not come from reputable websites. Make sure that you double check the person’s references and do a little online research. It may seem like a bit much but it’s better to be safe than sorry! If you are in doubt, then do go ahead with it.

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