More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Jake Owen

Net Worth: $10 million Venture: Thunder by the Bay. If you’re not yet familiar with pretty boy Jake Owen, you might be missing out on one awesome country singer. The singer debuted in 2006 with the album ‘Startin’ with Me’ which was fairly successful and resulted in three singles that reached the Top 20 on the charts. He followed it up with his second album, “Easy Does It” which also received favorable acclaim. It’s often true that the ‘third time’s the charm’, which is exactly what happened in Owen’s case. His third album, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” outperformed the first two by a margin and got him the number-one country hit and the Top New Male Vocalist award from ACM.
Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Owen is an excellent golfer and occasionally plays pro golf. In June 2019, Jake was the subject of a small backlash from fans after covering Cher’s song Believe to celebrate Gay Pride Month. He was promptly threatened with boycotts from many fans but chose to instead offer them a hug if they ever come to his concert, emphasizing that they “need one”. The event has caused the musical artist to receive positive media coverage and a spike in his social media traffic..