More Country Stars That Struck Gold

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Yoakam is loved by many for his unique style, and even managed to reach triple-platinum status for his fifth album “This Time”. With over thirty singles reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Country charts, and a strong sense of business, Yoakam has built himself a fantastic net worth of almost $50 million. The Kentucky-born musician and entrepreneur is also the owner of a restaurant and food maker called Bakersfield Biscuits and is the manager of the Bakersfield Beat radio station.

Faith Hill

Net Worth: $80 million Venture: Tennessee Titans. With sales of over 40 million albums worldwide and an obsessed fan base that swears by her, Faith Hill can easily be considered one of the most famous and successful Country musicians in the world. Together with her husband of 25 years, Tim McGraw (who’s also a musical icon in his own right), the couple is a powerhouse of music and wealth.
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The couple also holds a large stake in the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. While McGraw is a lot more involved with managing the team on a daily basis, both of them appear to be active owners and take a lot of pride in their team’s success. Born in Mississippi, the singer grew up knowing early on that she wanted to become a big Country star. Her first single, “This Kiss”, debuted in 1998 to popular acclaim and her Soul2Soul tour is one of the best-selling tours the genre has ever seen. The future looks very bright for this couple, as they currently have a combined net-worth of over $80 million through their successful music careers and smart business decisions.