More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Tyler Farr

Net Worth: $4 million Venture: Broken Bow Records. Tyler Farr started his career as a songwriter and expanded his endeavors over time to include a country singing career as-well. He was born in Missouri but relocated at a young age to Nashville in hopes of being discovered and becoming a successful country singer. His plan seemed to work at first, as he was signed to BNA label, but to his dismay, the label closed its doors just shortly after Farr released his first two singles. Luckily, he recovered quickly from the event and managed to sign with Columbia Records label, leading him to release two studio albums over the next two years and release eight singles which have successfully appeared on the Billboard charts.
Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Farr broke up with his second label, Columbia, after a falling out between the two, and from there he moved to Broken Bow Records in mid-2018. His highest rated single is “A Guy Walks Into a Bar”, reaching the number-one spot in the chart when it was released in 2015. Far is married as of 2016 to his long-time girlfriend, and was featured on the Outdoor Channel show Buck Commander, where he talked about his love for hunting.