More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Getty Images Photo By Axelle/Bauer

If you’re a fan of the beloved Country star Kenny Chesney than there’s no way you haven’t heard his hit song “Never Wanted Nothing More,” that hit #1 on the music chart for 5 weeks. While the song was performed by Chesney, it was actually written by Stapelton. The successful Country singer and songwriter currently tours the country through his “The All American Road Show” concert tour, where he performs various songs he wrote over the years.

Miranda Lambert

Net Worth: $45 million Venture: Red 55 Winery. One of the most famous and successful Country singers in the United States, Miranda Lambert is often compared to other female stars in the music industry such as Avril Lavigne and Amy Winehouse. Lambert’s songs are full of powerful and empowering messages and are beloved by many women who view her as an amazing role model. Amongst her best songs are, “The House That Built Me,” “Mama’s Broken Heart,” “Heart Like Mine,” and our personal favorite, “Gunpowder & Lead.”