More Country Stars That Struck Gold

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The group is reported to be worth an estimated $40 million, mostly generated through six albums that have all received critical acclaim and praise. Three of the group’s albums reached platinum and diamond status, and nine of their singles reached number one in the charts. If you’re new to the band we highly recommend checking out two of their most popular songs, “Downtown,” and “Need to Know”.

Rosanne Cash

Net Worth: $10 million Venture: Johnny Cash. Boyhood Home Project The Cash family has been in the music industry for quite a long time. Rosanne Cash, the oldest daughter of famous Country singer Johnny Cash, has seen relative fame and success in her musical career. Unlike many singers in our list, she actually found herself crossing a variety of musical genres until settling on the Americana musical audience, which ended up becoming a very successful one for her. Rosanne Cash is best known to date for her 1981 single, “Seven Year Ache,” which she has never really bested in terms of popularity and acclaim.