More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Lambert is an avid supporter of animal rights and is very actively trying to improve the way people treat them. She’s the founder of the MuttNation Foundation along with her mother, Bev Lambert. The foundation helps rescue animals in danger and gives them shelter. Outside of music and activism, the fiery and confident Lambert is also an owner and manager of a wine brand named “Red 55 Winery”. In case you were wondering if she’s still available, we’re happy to say that Lambert is happily married to Brendan McLoughlin, an NYPD officer. This is a fairly recent marriage, as the couple married just at the start of 2019.

Danny Gokey

Net Worth: $600,000 Venture: Rock and Worship Tour 2016. Another country singer who gained much of his fame while appearing in American Idol is Danny Gokey. The Milwaukee born singer was a church music director before joining the 8th season of the popular musical reality show American Idol. Gokey ended up reaching third place on the show but was quickly signed with 19 Recordings after his appearance and then changed labels to RCA Nashville. His debut album, My Best Days, was released during the singer’s time with RCA Nashville. He didn’t stick long with them and moved on to a deal with BMG label in 2013 after deciding to change his tune to Christian rock rather than a classic country.  Just this year, Gokey won the K-LOVE Fan’s Male Artist of the Year Award.