More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock

His second album, Hope in Front of Me, was released in 2013. Gokey is just as lovely as his American Idol co-winner, Scott McCreery, as he has also married his high school sweetheart, Sophia Martinez in 2004. Unfortunately, his wife passed away before he joined American Idol, leading him to start a foundation in her name, Sophia’s Heart Foundation

Billy Joe Thomas

Net Worth: $5 million Venture: Pepsi. As we move from Billie Jo Spears to Billy Joe Thomas, it clearly dawns why old-school fans of country have often lamented that traditional country has “just isn’t what it used to be”. The ‘60s and ‘70s produced some of the most prolific and incredible country singers to date, perhaps it was the era and the culture, or maybe it was due to the older recording quality, but either way, Billy Joe Thomas definitely stands head and shoulders above many of today’s pop-country musical counterparts with his soft and tender music that somehow manages to make your soul feel happier.