More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Venture: The Estate of Billie Jo Spears. Billie Jo Spears was a popular country star from back in the ‘60s, who was mostly known for her hit song “Mr. Walker It’s All Over”. Widely regarded as the “Queen Mother” of country music by fans and critics alike, Spears had a wonderful streak of singles that became hits on the charts. Her musical career began stagnating and was eventually paused for a few years due to personal reasons — and fans were demanding a comeback.
Getty Images Photo By David Redfern

Following a few years of hiatus, Spears managed to surprise everyone when she released her most famous and successful song to date, “Blanket on the Ground”, which came out in 1975 and became an instant hit. She continued releasing albums into the ’80s but her fame and popularity began to fade in the United States, although she was still very popular in the UK and even recorded albums which were almost exclusively released in Britain. She continued her career into her mid 70’s despite persistent medical problems. Spears eventually passed away in 2011 leaving her wonderful music behind for the world to enjoy.