More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Blanco Brown

Net Worth: $500,000 Venture: The Git Up. One of our most exciting up-and-comers in this list is Blanco Brown. Representing both the African-American culture and old-school folk American tradition, the singer has managed to combine the two most unlikely genres of rap and country into some of the most engaging and unifying forms of music that we’ve heard in the last few years. If there’s one genre that’s typically associated with more “dirty” themes it would definitely be rap and hip-hop. Brown brilliantly manages to take the best rap and hip-hop have to offer and distill them into an extremely positive country musical experience.
Getty Images Photo By Mindy Small

This young artist from Atlanta appears to be doing exactly the right moves since his works have led him to sell over twenty million records in his very short career so far. If you’re interested in listening to Brown’s music and experiencing some of the best combination of genres that music has to offer, look no further than his hit single The Git Up for some great ear pleasure. The song racked over 50 million views on YouTube and is honestly one of the most interesting pieces of music we’ve heard in a while.