More Country Stars That Struck Gold

The New Zealand-born musician quickly dominated the charts with his debut album due to his amazing looks and insane musical appeal and achieved a very rare feat of receiving platinum status in his very first release. Since then, he has been pumping out best-selling albums without any sign of stopping and has even founded the URBAN Guitar Collection company, which helped boost his net worth to a staggering $75 million. But let’s be honest here, between his musical god status, great looks, immense wealth, his marriage to Nicole Kidman takes the cake for us.

Mac Davis

Net Worth: $12 million Venture: The Mac Davis Show. Popular retro singer, songwriter, and actor, Morris Mac Davis began his career in the music and entertainment industries as a songwriter for Nancy Sinatra’s company, Boots Enterprises. He worked there for several years, contributing greatly to many of Sinatra’s recordings. David eventually found his way to writing songs for the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. He was responsible for classics such as “In the Ghetto”, “Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife”, “Home”, “It’s Such a Lonely Time of Year”, and “Memories.”