More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Mark Chesnutt

Net Worth: $7.1 million Venture: Nada Dinero. Our second neotraditional country singer is Mark Chesnutt, who’s worked with both MCA and Dacca and released over many successful albums throughout his career. The singer-songwriter debuted in 1990 after many years of wanting to take up a musical venture due to his passion for country music. Chesnutt was born in Beaumont, Texas and drew his musical influence from his father, Bob Chesnutt, a popular singer and record producer. He played music from a very young age and dropped out of school to focus on performing, before being taken to Nashville by his father to begin his recording ventures.
Getty Images Photo By Paul Natkin

By the late ’80s, Chestnut released eight singles that were stitched together into his debut album, “Doing My Country Thing”. The album was well-received, as were his following three albums which have all managed to attain the Platinum status. Chesnutt has been slowing down a bit in recent years, but still released albums every few years or so. He has released 17 studio albums to date with nine of his singles reaching the number-one spot in the charts. He is highly awarded and even has his own label named Nada Direno.