More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Darius Rucker

Net Worth: $14 million Venture: MGC Sports. Darius Rucker is the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish and is one of those rare artists that managed to combine different music genres into a beautiful and unique mix, namely, country and R&B. Over the years the band has released five albums and managed to claim six top-40 hits on the Billboard charts. Rucker also has a solo musical career, and already released several Country-R&B songs that have garnered their own audience and fans..
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In his business venture, Rucker is currently focused on sports marketing and is a partner at MGC Sports, which promotes talented athletes across many different sports and provides them with services ranging from marketing to public relations and management.

Lynn Anderson

Net Worth: $10 million Venture: The Lynn Anderson Estate. When people look back at classical country music, two figures immediately come to mind — Dolly Parton, the country icon who empowered women all across the United States; and Lynn Anderson, herself a legendary figure in country and music and one of the best vocalists in the genre’s history. Anderson has released many number-one singles throughout her long career and excited the masses with her unique and defying musical style, especially during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Anderson’s most successful song to date is her version of “Rose Garden” which is considered as one of the most successful crossover recordings of all time.