More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Maren Morris

Net Worth: $300,000 Venture: Girls Just Wanna. Weekend The Grammy-winning Maren Morris is a wonderful country artist with a varied pool of talents and musical styles. The singer-songwriter has released some very successful pieces of music, including an album, Hero, which reached number five in the charts and number one in the Top Country Albums list. Her most highly acclaimed and popular song so far has been “My Church” which reached #1 on the Country Digital Chart in 2016.
Getty Images Photo By Taylor Hill

Morris was born in Texas and also plays the guitar brilliantly. She recently had a few major life events that we’re very excited for — first she signed on to Columbia Nashville label, then released her second album in her debut major album deal. Secondly, and perhaps a lot more exciting, is that she married Ryan Hurd, a fellow popular country singer. The couple has recently announced that Morris is pregnant. Fortunately for the couple, their musical career has already started to blossom and it looks like things are only going to get better from here.