More Country Stars That Struck Gold


Net Worth: $20 million Venture: Bigger. Being part of a group or band certainly has its benefits and disadvantages. You certainly enjoy the support and cooperation working with other musicians towards a shared goal, but the downside is that sometimes things can get a little crazy. Sugarland is an example of a band’s poor inner-communication leading to a falling out. Originally started as a trio consisting of Kristian Hall, Jennifer Nettles, and Kristian Bush, the band debuted to a strong open and was signed to Mercury Nashville.
Getty Images Photo by Roy Rochlin

It didn’t take long before trouble started appearing though, as Kristian Hall suddenly left the band. Accounts on the reasons are different on the two sides, with Nettles and Bush claiming that Hall left the group on her own due to stress issues, and Hall claiming that she was effectively kicked out. Hall didn’t waste time and sued the group, a matter which was settled out of court. The biggest musical mark that Sugarland left to date was ironically their debut album “Twice the Speed of Life,” which received a double platinum status by the RIAA.