More Country Stars That Struck Gold

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He has been signed by Mercury Nashville and MCA Nashville in recent years and is originally from Kennett, Missouri. The singer took a brief break between 2002 and 2007 but has since returned full force into the music industry. If you’re interested in listening to some of Nail’s best songs, we recommend you check out “Let It Rain” and “Whatever She’s Got”, both these songs reached number-one on the country charts.

Charley Pride

Net Worth: $40 million Venture: Baseball. Charley Pride is certainly a huge source of pride for many Americans because he exemplifies the pursuit of happiness perfectly. This talented individual somehow managed to become a successful country singer while also turning into one of the nation’s most popular and beloved African American baseball stars. Pride was born in 1934 in Sledge, Mississippi and saw his greatest musical success in the ’70s when he became one of RCA Records’ best selling artists since Elvis.
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