More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Taylor Swift

Net Worth: $320 million. Venture: Taylor Swift Productions, Inc. Taylor Swift is a household name at this point and has effectively crossed over from country music into the hearts of Americans all across the nation. The singer often gives back to her fans, even to the point of occasionally surprising them with a musical visit. Swift’s debut album, Speak Now, was immediately a big hit and reached #1 in the charts shortly after being released. Nowadays, with over 150 million record sales in America alone, it’s no wonder that the star has managed to create a net worth of over $300 million.

Swift was first signed to Big Machine label until her fame and acclaim exceeded the scope of her contract. She then moved to Sony and has been in the worldwide spotlight ever since. The acclaimed star is also executive of her brand’s company, Taylor Swift Productions, which sells various items related to the Taylor Swift name.

Gary Allan

Net Worth: $10 million.