More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Venture: EMI Nashville. While Gary Allan’s career has been relatively quiet in comparison to the previous stars on our list, the country singer-songwriter-guitarist has managed to create a net worth of around $10 million for himself, proving that you don’t need to be a mega-celebrity to attain wealth through musical talent if you’re willing to put in the work. Allan has switched from label to label, starting out with MCA records and then switching to Decca. He is currently signed to EMI Nashville and plans to stay there.
Getty Images By Stephen Lovekin

Allan has produced nine studio albums so far with twenty-six singles that have found their way to the Billboard Country Charts. Among his most successful and most fun singles are “The One,” “Her Man,” “Right Where I Need to Be,” and “Watching Airplanes.” You can check out his most recent album, Set You Free, on various online music stores.

Emmylou Harris

Net Worth: $15 million. Venture: The Roots. Alabama-born Emmylou Harris is one of country’s most beloved and acclaimed artists of all time. Harris started out playing in coffeehouses in Greenwich Village after she moved to New York with the goal of becoming a successful musician. It didn’t take long for fame and success to follow, with her 1969 debut album Gilding Bird marking the beginning of an extremely successful career that shows no signs of stopping even as Harris approaches 75 years of age.