More Country Stars That Struck Gold

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When he isn’t creating music, Lovett is also a part-time classic theater actor and composer. He is currently doing Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles. You can check out his 2007 hit album It’s Not Big It’s Large if you’re interested in his older singles, or his newest album, Release Me, which has a more evolved sense of style.

Lila McCann

Net Worth: $2 million. Venture: Paint This Town. Lila McCann is every country boy’s dream, with a combination of beauty, talent, and an appetite for artistic success. The singer and actress made her debut in the country music genre as a teenager with the song “Like a Blackbird,” which hit the ground running and reached the twenty-eighth spot on the country charts (despite her lack of fame at the time). Her first studio album, Lila (which included the song), went on to become a mega success both commercially and critically, becoming the best selling debut album in 1997 and getting certified platinum by the RIAA in the US. McCann, who’s a very young millionaire, was instantly a highly demanded artist.