More Country Stars That Struck Gold

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Her artistic ambitions were probably stoked at a very young age, when she appeared briefly as Kelly Wyman in the popular western action show “Walker, Texas Ranger”. Since then, McCann released two albums which have not performed as-well as her first, and now focuses mostly on iTunes as her way of reaching fans with her wonderful country songs.

Tanya Tucker

Net Worth: $60 million. Venture: Tuckerville. While most musical artists and celebrities take many years (sometimes decades) to achieve the lusted status of fame and wealth, it almost seems that Tanya Tucker was born for those. With her hit single “Delta Dawn” topping the musical charts when she was just 13-years old, Tucker was clearly destined for massive accomplishments in the country music scene. While many child stars tend to fade in popularity over time, this young prodigy had only gotten better as time went on, eventually leading the young Texas-born artist to a net worth of over $50 million.