More Country Stars That Struck Gold

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Debby Boone’s most popular song “You Light Up My Life,” was released in 1977 and became a number-one hit for ten weeks straight. Since then she has released various hit songs, won several Grammys, world records, and even wrote six books with her husband, some of which being children’s books. Her husband is also a well-connected in Hollywood, with his brothers being the famous actors Miguel and Rafael Ferrer and his cousin, George Clooney, also a big part of his family.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Net Worth: $20 million. Venture: Parents Television Council. Anyone who knows who Miley Cyrus is most likely heard of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Both Billy and Miley Cyrus have been an active part of Disney Entertainment but eventually parted ways. Billy Ray Cyrus had his musical debut in 1992 to popular acclaim and released twelve albums so far. He has faded in popularity over the years despite being involved in various scandals that his often-provocative daughter Miley caused.