More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Joe Seer / Shutterstock

The country musician recently got back to media fame after a strong collaborative song called “Old Town Road” with famous musician Lil Nas X. The song starred in the #1 spot for two weeks after being released. Not much is known about the relationship between Billy Ray and Miley, but fans speculate that the two aren’t in the best of terms. On a final note, you might be interested to know that Cyrus is currently a member of the Parents Television Council.

Shane Minor

Net Worth: $1 million. Venture: Broadcast Music, Inc. Shane Minor is definitely not your typical country singer. Before debuting as a singer in 1994, he was both a rodeo bull rider and a police officer in California. A bolt of genius must have struck Minor, and in 1994 he decided to quit both the police force and his bull-riding career to pursue a musical path as a country singer. Minor was picked up by Mercury Nashville and enjoyed a short but sweet six-year run as singer, before deciding to drop out of this career as well in favor of writing songs for other popular singers.