More Country Stars That Struck Gold

Getty images Photo By Michael Levin

Twitty was the center of various legal issues throughout his life, including alleged tax evasion and fights over his estate, including copyrights and royalties. The peak of his career was during the late ’70s when he shifted his musical style to country pop and changed his look from the slicked-back pompadour style to the regular curly hair and mustache. Most people don’t know this, but Twitty was on his way to becoming a professional baseball player until his plans were interrupted by a draft from the U.S. military. In the long run, we’re glad that they were.

Blake Shelton

Net Worth: $60 million. Venture: Ryman Hospitality. Singer, real-estate investor and Gwen Stefani boyfriend, Blake Shelton is every girl’s dream — he’s got the looks, the money, and the voice to capture anyone’s attention. This was evidently clear when Shelton first released his debut album in 2001 and saw his hit single “Austin” stay in the #1 spot for five straight weeks in the country charts. His debut was a massive success and landed him square inside the much-desired platinum status for the album’s sales.