What Age Is Model Appropriate

Exceeding professional opinion, here’s gathered insight from emerging models on age.

@benediktebee | Scoop models Cph: “I think they should at least be 14.

@sierra_v | MSA Model- NYC / MMA Model- Philadelphia: “I believe any age younger
than 14 is too young to start modeling (fashion). Unfortunately, rejection is a big part of this
industry. Confidence, humility, and staying true to yourself are very important to keep throughout
a modeling career. I started modeling at age 16 and I personally don’t think I could have started
any younger.”

@thelittlelivv | Vision Los Angeles: I honestly think it depends hugely on the person. I
never think it is OKAY for PARENTS to push their children into modeling, whether they are 5
or 16.. Modeling is something someone has to decide they WANT and love In order for it to be a
passion filled career for one. I would say if it is someone’s dream, most agencies only accept 16
and up. 16 is a great age to start testing and warming up to cameras, but also at 16 so many things
are still changing because of puberty. So it’s a good time for PRACTICE but I really don’t think
anyone should start traveling or striving to hit their prime until they are 17 or 18 years of age. 1
year makes SO much of a difference. Plus this is the age where you can legally make your own
decisions and learn to become independent.

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